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Would you like to delegate your training needs?

How would your organization be different if your team improved their skills in these areas? Smarter Training Matters offers the essential training needs of today’s workplace!

Smarter Training Matters Signature Courses include: 

  •   A pre-session assessment of current practices, needs
  •   Tailored learning session(s)
  •   A suggested action plan / accountability goal  
  •   Thirty days of follow-up (online, email)
  •   A post-session assessment and evaluation  

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  • Smarter Email Matters Open or Close

    Improve your communications, reputation, and results.


    Eight out of 10 emails received are unnecessary, incomplete and give an unprofessional impression. Email is also likely to be the number one method used by your employees to communicate with your customers, potential customers, stakeholders, vendors and co-workers and yet most people have never had any training on how to use it. Email (and text) is a very powerful communication tool and requires special knowledge and skills for using it effectively. This workshop will teach participants how to keep their email messages from being “lost in translation” by learning smarter email insights, etiquette and best practices for sending better email messages as well as lots of tips for how to reduce and organize your email load!

  • Work Smarter with Outlook Open or Close

    Get Organized with Outlook - A signature course!

    They have been issued Microsoft Outlook because it has so many great features for helping them to manage their information, communications, schedules and workload. Have they ever had any official training for how to use it? Without training, most users will plateau with the send/receive button and spend valuable time and energy trying to find, file and figure things out on their own. Wouldn’t it be better to teach them how to get the most out of Outlook?


    This course can teach participants:

    • How and why to use Microsoft Outlook to more efficiently manage tasks, follow-ups, commitments

    • How to easily create and sort a customized contact database

    • Calendar tips and features that can keep you focused and organized

    • How to clean up and clean-out your inbox and folders

    • How to never need to get the “file size limit” warning again

    • How to significantly reduce the number of emails to your inbox each day

    • How to set up a more intuitive folder system that makes filing and finding what you need faster

    • How to use many of Outlook’s automation features to put some of your workload on auto-pilot

    • Tons of time and hassle-saving solutions

    • Improve their speed and confidence for using Outlook

    • Smarter email etiquette and best practices for improving both their communications and reputation


    And don’t worry; this is not a boring computer class…it will be fun and you get my “no tech-talk” guarantee!

  • Smarter Admin Matters Open or Close

    The essential skills and traits for today’s assistant.

    This course covers the essential skills and traits needed to be a successful administrative assistant. Participants will learn smarter time-management and communication best practices to help them effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting and be a successful gatekeeper. This course also covers skills and etiquette training for email management and social media; how to adapt to different personalities and how to demonstrate a high degree of confidentiality and professionalism in the workplace.

  • Smarter Goal Setting Open or Close

    How to decide what you want and make it happen.

    Learn practical steps to success!

  • Smarter Leadership Matters for First-Time Leaders Open or Close

    Learn how to relate and delegate, prioritize and communicate.

    This course focuses on self-awareness, communication, relationships, priorities and time management. It’s an engaging and thought-provoking course that helps participants understand how to connect in ways that will bring out the best in others and improve their ability and confidence to know what, when, how and with whom to spend their time.


    Attendees of this course will:

    • Recognize the traits and behaviors of successful leaders

    • Complete a self-assessment of key traits

    • Understand the principles of influence

    • Improve the clarity of their communication

    • Improve their time-management skills

    • Improve their delegation skills

    • Improve their ability to coach others and set expectations

    • “Practice” (through role-play) handling difficult situations, performance or poor behavior concerns

    • Create an action and accountability plan for improvement and progress

  • Smarter Meeting Matters Open or Close

    Because effective meetings don’t just happen.

    An effective meeting will require a combination of skills and a bit of finesse (for both the organizer and the participants) in order to be worthwhile. Attendees in this session will learn more about meeting etiquette, how to avoid or recover from several common meeting disruptions, and leave with a checklist that will help them be better meeting organizers and meeting attendees.

  • Smarter Stress Management Matters Open or Close

    Because stress is costing you more than you think.

    Employee stress can cause a significant financial drain to an organization. Stress-related reasons are the #1 cause of employee absences, workman’s comp and healthcare costs and unmanaged stress can have a negative effect on behavior, relationships and results. This session will help attendees get smarter about what causes stress, its effects on all aspects of work/life and learn effective tips and methods for improving their health and productivity (individually and at company level).


  • Smarter Team Matters Open or Close

    Getting it Done While Getting Along.

    No one works independently; we all have to depend on others to do their part in order for us to do our part and with today’s work environment more diverse and demanding than ever, our need to communicate and cooperate has never been greater.


    This course promotes the personal value, team benefits and characteristics of smarter teamwork and helps participants:

    • Understand what it takes to be considered a “team player”

    • Gain a healthier perspective of human behaviors, motives and expectations, including their own

    • Assess their personal habits, thinking and reputation

    • Learn the traits (and the goals!) necessary for smarter teamwork

    • Address the biggest productivity challenge(s) discovered from pre-session assessment

    • Identify and problem-solve many common, time-wasting, irritating workplace behaviors (regarding office, email, phone and meeting etiquette)

    • Leave with a plan for improving behaviors and relationships (for both work and home)

  • Smarter Time Management Matters Open or Close

    The busier you are, the more organized you have to be.

    Smarter time management helps participants learn how to organize their time, mind, spaces and information. Without awareness of new, smarter, time-management practices, many people will find themselves in a perpetual state of overload, chaos, clutter and stress... all of which are counter-productive.


    Attendees in this course will:

    • Learn how to add time to your day/week (there are only 2 smarter ways to do it)

    • Learn best practices for scheduling and prioritizing your to-do list

    • Learn how to minimize distractions and interruptions

    • Learn how to organize your work so you can recover from unavoidable interruptions

    • Learn how to reduce your number of commitments and obligations

    • Get tips for improving your personal energy so you can engage and enjoy the time after you leave the office


    • Participants can also get valuable resources such as a step-by-step handout and checklist for organizing your desk/office area, a personal time-tracking log and a “How to Say No with Confidence” handout.

Smarter software training that will improve and impress...and with a “no tech-talk” guarantee!

· Microsoft Outlook

· Microsoft OneNote



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