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    Kimberly Medlock is president of Smarter Training Matters – an easy to work with productivity training, coaching and consulting company. Kimberly has earned credentials as a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association, a Board Certified Professional Organizer, a Microsoft Certified Outlook Specialist, a Registered Corporate Coach, a Certified Time Management Coach and someone who hates to waste precious time. She inspires and changes people and companies through her messages about how we can better “get it done while getting along.”

    She will show you how productivity,
    team work, personal well-being and the bottom-line are needlessly sabotaged due to a lack of focus, organization, clutter, avoidable interruptions and unintentional annoyances among co-workers. She delivers instant takeaway from every presentation that helps individuals and teams significantly improve the quality of their day.

    Kimberly lives in the Charlotte, NC area, is blissfully married and has three really awesome grown kids.

    Get to know Kimberly…

    Business Info:
    § My web and technical assistant is Nilse Gilliam
    . She’s great.
    § I am a trained DiSC Facilitator and my DiSC profile is a D and I. (Director/Influencer). I tend to be direct with my communication (sometimes to a fault) and could have probably been a great trial lawyer.
    § Just for fun, I am certified as an Interior Redesign Specialists. (
    Because functional should look good too!)
    § I am a past president of the National Speakers Association Tennessee Chapter
    § I believe knowing who you want to be is just as important as knowing what you want and want to do.
    § I believe the best way to teach something, is to model it. This keeps me on my toes!
    § I have enjoyed very successful sales careers in both the corporate sectors and as an independent sales consultant. In both, I earned some of the company’s highest awards and recognition. (I’m just saying.)
    § I started my own training/consulting company in 2006, focusing on productive matters for individuals, teams and organizations. I have a special interest in working with working-parents and small/independent business owners and entrepreneurs. I am a true entrepreneur at heart!
    § I believe that when I have helped a worker or team do and be their best at work, this can also have a wonderful impact on their personal/family life too.

    § I believe that people need to feel productive! (FYI, productive doesn't mean "busy"... productive builds you up...busy wears you down.) I believe that when people feel they are "being productive", they are generally happier. When people are happier, they treat others better, tend to have more energy and thus able to be even more productive and influential.

    Personal Info:

    § I love to learn, problem-solve and am generally a risk-taker.
    § I like technology when it’s simple and it works.
    § I am an “in recovery” perfectionist (and always working on this).
    § I have been blissfully married to the man of my dreams since 1990.
    § I have three of the best kids you will ever meet. (No, really I do. You can ask anybody.)
    § I believe that volunteering, (giving back) is an essential part of a happy, well-balanced and productive life.

    § I believe that I am my #1 productivity tool so I do my best to maintain a healthy diet and work-out at least 3-4 times a week.
    § I believe that how I feed my mind is just as, if not more important than how I feed by body.
    § I believe in God and highly recommend Life Fellowship Church. You can hear/learn from some really great messages here - (Warning, pastor Patrick can be funny!)
    § One of my favorite things is music. I love great concerts! Some of my favorites have been Van Halen’s reunion concert 2009 (AWESOME!), The Eagles, Keith Urban (LOVE HIM!), AC/DC, Billy Currington, Journey, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, the CMT Awards Show, Nashville Music Fest.) Most recent – Lionel Richie, James Taylor, Hootie and Blowfish reunion and Billy Joel.
    § I got scuba-diving certified in 2012.
    § Recommended reading: The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, Clutters Last Stand by Don Aslett, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

    My philosophy and approach...

    I believe that being better organized...with your time, mind, spaces and information can be a game-changer. After all, how would you would your life be different if you were "more organized" in these areas. I have witnessed at how even subtle amounts of organization (systems) to an environment can positively impact people. Disorganization can cause a tremendous drain on your mental, physical and financial resources. I have learned that having clarity about what you want and a plan in place to achieve it, is what helps you to have more confidence and a healthier sense of control.

    Helping people to identify their goals and objectives and then to create the environment, habits, perspectives and daily activities to help them achieve these is what I do.


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    Becky Gallagher has been a part of the Smarter Training Matters team since 2011. She has managed the office, worked with customers and helped Kimberly create training presentations that leave attendees feeling enlightened, appreciated and equipped to make smarter choices that make a real difference.  Clients also loved when Becky co-lead or assisted Kimberly with presentations. In 2013, Becky, with her always loyal and can-do attitude, stepped in at the last minute to deliver a presentation for Kimberly and a new Smarter Training Matters trainer was born! 

    Becky always brings her sincerity and passion for helping others to any project and her noticeable ability to simplify and solve complex, technical and/or challenging problems is indeed one of her gifts. 

    Prior to STM, Becky had long, award winning careers in sales and sales leadership in both radio and large IT firms.  Each of these environments allowed her to prove her ability to successfully work with and lead all kinds of people groups and personalities… an extremely valuable skill in today’s blended workplace. 

    Becky lives in the Memphis metro area (in north Mississippi), is married to her high school sweetheart and has two great kids. 


    Get to know Becky: 

    • I am a member of the Southaven Mississippi Rotary Club, where I have met some of the most selfless people I have ever known. I believe in Rotary’s motto, “Service Above Self and “One Profits Most Who Serves Best”

    • Over the years, I have also held numerous volunteer leadership positions ranging from editor of my high school yearbook, to Relay Center Director for Operation Christmas Child and positions at my kid’s school with their Parent-Teacher boards. 

    • While in radio, I earned the CRMC (Certified Radio Marketing Consultant certification).

    • I love to learn and generally not a risk taker, so Kimberly and I balance each other!

    • I married my high school sweetheart many years after high school. (Long story and it involves Star Wars.)

    • I am very blessed with two great kids (as different as night and day and amazingly wise kids beyond their years)!

    • I believe that when faced with a hard choice, choose the thing that will matter most in 20 years.  If that does not help, apply the golden rule - reverse the situation and see how you would want the other person to respond. 

    • Favorite books: The Holy Bible (I prefer the NIV 1984 version), The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, The Go Getter by Peter Kyne, The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and any book by Henry Blackaby. 

    • My favorite place to be is anywhere with my family. Being on Greer’s Ferry lake, on a boat, camping or at the beach under an umbrella, eating Fun Dip (Kimberly is the health nut, I am not) are all my favorite places to be.  


    My philosophy and approach...

    I believe that relationships with people are what matters most.  At the end of the day, what we do and say to positively influence people is what really matters.  Tasks, projects, goals and deadlines should not come before people.  (I know because I used to be a task master and would bulldoze people to get the job done.)  I have learned, when you manage your tasks, projects, goals and deadlines more effectively, you will improve your relationships.  

    My heart is with helping people learn how to manage their time, priorities and productivity at work, so they can have better relationships both at work and home.  


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    Darienne Mobley, CPC is president of Darienne Inc. a coaching and consulting company and an exclusive authorized trainer for Kimberly Medlock’s Smarter Training Matters. 

    As a leader, Certified Professional Coach, strategic thinker and productivity enthusiast who has worked with both state and corporate teams for over 30 years, Darienne brings a world of experience, expertise and wisdom to her work. 

    Darienne has also become known as a dynamic speaker and story teller who connects with her audience, leaving them inspired, entertained and enlightened by messages that matter.  (You can check out a recent presentation on her YouTube channel).

    Darienne loves helping others in ways that helps them to be their best. Darienne is married and lives between two great locations, Baton Rouge, LA and Ocean Springs, MS. 


    Get to know Darienne...


    Business Info: 

    My career started in a bank in Gulfport, MS in 1982 – I told the Bank Vice President I could type 90 words a minute but had never taken typing.  I did not get fired!

    I am a CPC, Certified Professional Coach and love working with individuals and companies to decide what they want to accomplish and then helping them reach those goals.

    I believe that what you put out in the world comes back to you.  I have tried to lead with integrity, honesty and vulnerability.

    I have enjoyed a very successful career in the Tourism Industry culiminating by holding the position of Director of Tourism for both Mississippi and Louisiana.

    I started out in consulting in 2006 and have not looked back.

    I like to try new things – I get bored when things just stay the same.

    I am teased all the time that ‘I have people’.  I do – I can take a job and figure out the fastest – most efficient way to get it done.  And if that means finding people to help me – I find them.

    My greatest find was a virtual assistant that helps me in all sorts of important ways.

    I am an I in the DISC profile.  That means that while I have lots of wonderful qualities, details are not my forte.  I get them done but they drain me.


    Personal Info:

    I have been married to a wonderful man for twelve years.  We have two daughters and one son and six grandchildren (that is the blended version).

    I have lived mainly in Mississippi and Louisiana, but I was born in Virginia. 

    I went to five elementary schools.  I was always the new kid but learned to adapt.

    I am a personal development junkie.  I have read every book written on ‘How to lose weght”, “How to be more spiritual --- fun --- happy, etc”. 

    I loved school supplies when I was little and that is why teaching others about how to make your life work better with Outlook is so exciting to me.


    My philosophy and approach…

    I believe that we all have a small voice within us (our intuition) that is always sending us messages – and if we get quiet enough to hear the voice and abide by those messages, we will always be doing what is intended for us.

    I believe that there is a plan for our lives and a purpose for all of us.  Finding it is the fun part.

    I believe that organization and order bring peace.


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